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The Bible is full of wisdom, and many of us have favorite verses. But many of the sayings hanging on our walls and wrapped around our coffee cups are taken out of context. They may inspire or encourage us, but their meaning is distorted. Let’s clarify some of the most misused verses in the Bible.

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100,000 Hours of Serving

Let’s be intentional about loving our community by serving our community. Together, we can serve 100,000 hours this year!

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Holy Land Trip

An amazing experience that brings the history of the Bible, the reality of faith and the personhood of Jesus to life! Registration still available.

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Baptism symbolizes a believer finding new life in Jesus Christ and publicly identifying himself or herself as a follower of Jesus.

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Spiritual Formation

Register now for studies, classes and workshops in a variety of formats to make it easy for you to find something of interest.

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