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Come celebrate that through Jesus Christ's death and resurrection,
God offers his undying love and victory over death to us all.
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The cross is the iconic symbol of what God did for us as he sent his Son to die. But Jesus' death is only half the story. The empty tomb is the other half, and it proves that Jesus was God, having power over sin and death. Everything is connected to this story: our faith, our freedom, and our future! If there is no resurrection, then Christianity makes no sense. But if it's true, then everything Jesus said is true! So join us as we look at the one question that Easter can answer.

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Last Week's Media

Apr. 13

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Three basic experiences that produce the greatest amount of transformation in a person's life

Loving God back

Glorifying God through right actions and attitudes will bring our greatest stirring.

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Experiencing life together

Loving each other at all costs to prove that we are His disciples will be our greatest strength.

Responding in faith

Using our time and talents for the sake of others will be our greatest blessing.

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