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What keeps you up at night? Perhaps it's the finances, family matters, someone’s health, a feeling of betrayal or a regret that haunts you. Or maybe it’s a lack of purpose or direction for the future. It feels like you’re facing it all alone until you realize, you are never alone! God is near, and He promises peace and rest.

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Schwalm Chapel Grand Opening

The new, 350-seat Schwalm Chapel will allow us to provide a classic worship experience in a modern setting, as well as a quiet place for prayer during the week. The chapel has a center isle, pews, an LED screen and tech booth similar to the Worship Center, which will allow the space to also be utilized for events such as weddings, funerals and seminars.

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100,000 Hours of Serving

Let’s be intentional about loving our community by serving our community. Together, we can serve 100,000 hours this year!

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Baptism symbolizes a believer finding new life in Jesus Christ and publicly identifying himself or herself as a follower of Jesus.

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Spiritual Formation

Register now for studies, classes and workshops in a variety of formats to make it easy for you to find something of interest.

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