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True or False

Everyone wants to fit in. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but there are ways God wants His followers to stand out from the world around them. The first-century church dealt with this same tension, so John wrote them a letter, 1 John, describing the difference between true followers of Jesus and counterfeit ones. So, what’s true, and what’s false?

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Trevor's Story

Using his God-given artistic gifts, Trevor serves our community by helping kids develop their creativity and learn Christian values.

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100,000 Hours of Serving

Let’s be intentional about loving our community by serving our community. Together, we can serve 100,000 hours this year!

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Spiritual Formation

We offer Spiritual Formation studies, classes and workshops in a variety of formats to make it easy for you to find something that both interests you and fits your schedule.

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Baptism symbolizes a believer finding new life in Jesus Christ and publicly identifying himself or herself as a follower of Jesus.

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