The Bible is a primary way God speaks to us.

In the Bible, God reveals to us both our sin and our belovedness. Our desires for nourishment, strength, comfort and joy are all addressed in Scripture. God is still speaking and guiding us personally and intimately through the Word. By regularly being with God in his Word, we open ourselves to truths and guidance outside of ourselves.

Not sure where to start? Try one of the Bible reading plans and consider the strategies provided below:

Reading Strategies

Systematic reading

Studying the Bible methodically for a big picture of God’s work using Bible commentaries, Bible dictionaries, small group study guides and devotionals

Devotional reading

Dwelling on a passage of Scripture with an emphasis on relationship rather than information, listening for God’s voice to you on how the passage applies to your life

Reading meditatively

Choosing a verse or passage without hurry, listening carefully, using the imagination, memorizing parts or all and returning to it repeatedly with mind and heart

Praying Scripture

Entering deeply into a passage allowing words or verses that catch our attention to become immediate invitations to conversation with God

Reading Plans

2-Week Tours of the Bible

This plan breaks the Bible into more manageable portions by taking you to passages every Christian should know. These passages are frequently quoted or referred to elsewhere in the Bible and are relatively easy to read and understand.


30 Days with Jesus

From birth to Ascension, this plan will walk you through the life and ministry of Jesus. Journey through the gospels as you read about Jesus’ calling, the disciples, the parables He told and the many miracles He performed.


30 Days for New Christians

This plan will help you see the “big picture” of the Bible’s story. Start with the fall of man and journey from the giving of the Ten Commandments and kings of Israel to the ministry of Jesus and what His death and resurrection means to the Christ-follower.


30 Days in Psalms

Learn more about the character and awesome power of God as you journey through the book of Psalms, where you’ll find comfort, strength, encouragement and wisdom.


60-Day Overview of the Bible

This plan will give you an overview of key events and people from both the Old Testament and the New Testament as you read selections from Genesis to Revelation.


180-Day Overview of the Bible

These daily readings consist of at least one chapter from each of the Bible’s 66 books. In less than 15 minutes a day, you’ll get a bird’s-eye-view of the entire Bible as you read King David’s psalms, Paul’s letters, and everything in between.


New Testament in 90 Days

By reading an average of three chapters of a day, you can read the New Testament in three months, even if you miss a few days. Each daily reading will guide you through the New Testament as you learn more about Jesus, the birth of the Church and the promises of eternity.


Read the Bible in a Year

Walk through the Bible in one year – every word, every story, every person and every promise. In this reading plan, you’ll read every verse and every chapter of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.


Stories You’ve Probably Never Heard

We all know the stories of Noah, Daniel and the lion’s den and Moses, but what do you know about snake bites or Ehud? From talking donkeys to the day the sun stood still, this plan will show you stories you may know are in the Bible. This is a great plan for families.