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DJ Sommers

"This is DJ, and he's my buddy."

Church is supposed to be a place where you can relax and engage with friends, but for some children, church can be a stressful and nerve-wracking experience. For young Will, a fun-loving, energetic child with autism whose parents wanted him included at church with other kids his age, DJ Sommers, a high-school, multi-sport athlete with a heart for special needs children, was just the help he needed.

Tiffany Kairos

“Being diagnosed with epilepsy is not the end of my story.”

Tiffany Kairos’ struggle with epilepsy led her to want to help others by creating The Epilepsy Network, a worldwide community of people with epilepsy, along with their family and friends, uniting to talk about their experiences, learn about epilepsy, ask questions and provide encouragement.

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Joy Barnhill

"This movement is not about giving poor people a handout. It’s about giving them a hand up … cheering them on as they go."

Joy Barnhill’s story begins with broken relationships, self-doubt and material poverty, but through her involvement with Kettering Circles, part of the ACTS movement to alleviate poverty, Joy found a supportive and caring community that walked with her in the journey out of brokenness and poverty.

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Lori Jones

"I didn't plan on being told that I had an incurable form of cancer."

Confused, numb and overwhelmingly sad after learning about her condition, Lori Jones placed her faith in God's plan and felt His peace in the midst of the chaos, like the calm in the eye of the storm.

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Jim Mehaffie

"I've seen Heaven and someday I'm going back."

After a massive heart attack, Jim Mehaffie's pulse flatlined for over a minute. His near-death experience in the hospital that day forever changed the course of his life, and his story has changed eternity for many who have heard it since.

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Doug Dodge

"At age 15 I spent my first night in jail."

Born into violence and alcoholism, Doug Dodge grew up to be an enforcer of a motorcycle gang, battling drug addiction, and ultimately sentenced to 15 years in prison. One night he found himself overwhelmed and turned to the only man who could bring him to his knees, Jesus.

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Ian Dickey

"I needed God to pull me out of the pit, to pull me out of the mire, to wash me in His blood and save me from my addiction...and He did."

Raised in a Christian home and the son of a pastor, Ian Dickey learned of his parents' divorce and dealt with the pain by turning to drugs. Almost losing everything dear to him sent him to his knees where God pulled him out of the pit and saved him from his addiction.

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